Enable Youth Program - Validations


Programs - Validation

The ENABLE Youth Accelerator Program - Validation Phase adopted the Start Your Business intervention. Start Your Business (SYB) is a materials-based training program for potential entrepreneurs with a business idea who want to proceed and start their own business. This very interactive training was organized flexibly according to young agripreneurs’ needs and delivered using integrated advanced adult training methodologies.

The objective of SYB training was to enable young agripreneurs to develop concrete, feasible and bankable business projects. By the end of the training, these agripreneurs had knowledge of how to complete a basic business plan. The business plans developed by the agripreneurs will serve as a
• blueprint for the entrepreneurs in starting up and operating their businesses.
• The SYB training is designed to assist agripreneurs to, among others:
o Draft a marketing strategy;
o Plan their staff needs;
o Cost their goods and services;
o Decide about the legal form of their business;
o Get a clear idea about the licenses and the permits needed;
o Assess the environmental impact of their planned business; and
o Forecast their finances

The SYB training materials comprised the SYB manual with a business plan template attached and relevant handouts. The SYB manual was used during the training and also will act as a source of reference during the entire validation phase by the agripreneurs. The SYB manual explains step by step the process to follow to prepare and implement business plan. Explanations are given in an easy-to-understand English language and plenty of illustrations are used to explain concepts and solutions as clearly as possible. Relevant examples, case studies and exercises relating to business women and men are important features in the manual, enabling the agripreneurs to immediately apply the theory of learning and to complete the corresponding section in the business plan template and hence develop their own business plans.