Enable Youth Program - The Program

The Program

The Program

Enable Youth Uganda Curriculum

Business Skills:
Business modeling , Financing and repayment , Business registration (trading license, URA), criteria for the loan handout, Start business activities, Create a support network

Soft Skills:
Interpersonal relations, Presentation / Pitching skills, Storytelling, Facilitation and training skills, Being a role-model, Gender balanced business

Technical skills:
Value addition, Storage, Processing, Use of technologies, (in collaboration with technical/private sector partners), Climate Smart agriculture, packaging, branding and marketing

EYCF Components

The training and mentoring program
will select, train and mentor youth with startups who will be beneficiaries of the Investment fund to provide them with capital for their enterprises.

The Business development
component will work with the agripreneurs to develop their business concepts into successful businesses.

The Fund management program
Will evaluate the worthiness of the selected and trained enterprises to whom the investment fund will be extended as a loan facility at low interest rates as well as ensure that the funds are repaid and a revolving fund is at the end of the 24 month project.

The Accelerator Process

Not Time Bound

Send calls and select agripreneurs

Duration: 2 Months

  • Establishing the business cases.
  • Determining the training and mentoring needs

Duration: 1 Week

  • Provide Trainings
  • Test The Business Cases
  • Provide the BDS Services

Duration: 4 Months

  • Provide Trainings
  • Assign Locan Mentors
  • Test the Business Cases
  • Provide the BDS Services

1-2 Years

  • Receive the repayments of the investment provided
A grace period of 6 months provided

1-2 Years

Provide investment for the selected youth - A maximum of 8,000 USD per business case