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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to the youth that don’t end up getting funded?

    The unsuccessful (not-selected) agripreneurs will be linked to other programs e.g aBi Trust, banks and other funding agencies in the institutional network framework

  • What is the practicability of the repayment in 6 months?

    We understand that there may be a challenge. Depending on the business cases selected the disbursements and repayment structures will vary.

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  • How will the program work with the other existing established enterprises in and around Mubuku.

    We believe that competition is good and healthy and this is what will help the entrepreneur build a better business.

  • How will the program cater for the youth that cannot afford the 10% investment as seen in the selection criteria?

    The 10% investment is not mandatory but an added advantage.

  • The interest rates of 10% seems so high (high). How will this be managed?

    The interest rate is way below the market rate and has been set to between 4-6%. The purpose of the interest rate is to give the youth a feel of the real world and how businesses operate.

  • How is this program different from the YLP (Youth livelihood program) And other funding programs?

    The major difference is that this intervention targets growth of enterprises by the use of mentors, trainers and will all be taken through a validation and acceleration exercise before they receive the funds.

  • How will the lessons learned and the knowledge gathered through the program be shared?

    The learnings will be shared through, newsletters, the website and social media channels and EY HUB’s to be developed.

  • What about the youth that are enterprising but cannot express themselves, what happens to them?

    There are a number of complexities with having participants speaking different languages in the program which makes it impractical to have this in the program, therefore all activities of this program will be conduction in both written and spoken English.

  • What is the role of the commercial banks.?

    The commercial banks will not manage the loans but will be account holders of the money, they have no business relationship with the agripreneur

  • Is the program targeting people that already have existing businesses or could even the street youth apply?

    Many of the street youth are also graduates. The application is open to both youth that have an idea or an existing business but should be able to communicate in English.

  • Is the 5% interest rate realistic? It’s below the central bank lending rate.

    The program is not a business venture but a mindset change venture, this is why the interest rate in very low. we would like to get the youth started in business.

  • The grace period is 6 months for the loan repayments seems too low. Will the agripreneurs be able to start the repayments in such a short time?

    The entrepreneur will be assisted through the program to ensure that their ideas are refined and that they will be able to payback within the stipulated time. The disbursement of the money will be phased according to the need.

  • How will the EY hubs be sustainable, because of the high costs of maintenance?

    We will work with existing hubs and not develop them to function as catalyst centers, The EY Hub’s will be also available after the Pilot. This will ensure sustainability and growth.

  • Are the adverts for the application being run on radio?

    It is the best mechanism to communicate to the locals. A team from iMPACT Booster will need to be hosted on one of the radio programs and we respond to the questions. Adverts are have been running on radio and we are fully open to visit many of the local radios to be able to share this information.

  • How will we account for the change in the dollar rate for the different regions? Given that the start dates for each region would be different.

    The loan will be disbursed in Uganda shilling and not in dollars, this will therefore not affect the dollar rate

  • How will the loan defaulters be managed?

    All the beneficiaries will be required to provide collateral.

  • Wouldn’t it be better to increase the grace period for the repayment of the loan from 2 years to 5 years?

    Discussions will be underway with the donor and the client. however the timeframe for the project is fixed and will need to end by 2021

  • Isn’t it better to group the youth so as to make implementation of the programs and disburse of the funds easier?

    Both individuals and groups can apply for the program.